Axolot 1

Axolotl Brochure Concept

For this student publication project, the assignment was to create a 10 paged brochure on an endangered animal of our choosing.

I chose the Axolotl, an endangered amphibian who's only habitat is a polluted lake in Mexico known for its ability to regrow its limbs. I wanted to focus on using my illustrative along side my design skills in order to create a modern, approachable brochure in order to entice viewers visually and thoughtfully.

Programs: Adobe Illustrator

Axolotl 2

Axolotl 3

Axolotl 4(b)

Axolotl 5

Axolotl 6

Axolotl 7(b)

Axolotl 8

Axolotl 9