Meteor Forms Website

Meteor Forms is an alternative solution to online form builders. Instead of building a company's prebuilt software, Meteor Forms does the work for you. By scanning physical forms and turning them into digital ones, the process of converting them back becomes easy and simple.

With a project like Meteor Forms, we found that the best approach was through iconography and color when compared to photography and screenshots. It's easy to present this type of service in a boring, uninviting way. Using a lot of screen grabs, people looking at screens, or people working on paper forms just doesn't cover the visual understanding of everything associated with it.

Having a visualized representation of each part of the service creates a growing understanding of the core values involved. It structures the concepts mentally, giving them a needed weight to their importance in such a revolutionized solution.

Programs: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Gravity Forms, Photoshop, Illustrator
Publish Date:
July 2017


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