Myrtle Beach Discus

Myrtle Beach Discus was a local startup business that focused on selling an exotic fish. Our client wanted to create a website that was approachable, friendly, and interactive. From the start, we wanted to have a video of an aquarium in action that showed off these beautiful fish. We wanted it to be all about the fishes. By having them front and center in action, visitors will have an immediate connection to how they'll look for their aquariums. We also created a mascot fish that swims across the home slider as well, to reinstate the friendly and active feeling. We also tried a new technique with the rows by adding a wave pattern. This added to the overall theme of the website while also allowed the rows feel less static and blocky.

We wanted to make more than just a fish store, but a website dedicated to exotic fish lovers.


Client: Myrtle Beach Discus
Programs: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Gravity Forms, Photoshop, Illustrator
Publish Date
April 2017

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