Virtual Design Tour

Virtual Design Tour is a company that focuses on creating 3D interactive tours of any living space. On top of the 3D tours, the client wanted to provide a service that could be used to change the focus of real estate; V-Life. Along with 3D tours, the service would include high-quality photos, an areal drone view by video, floor plans, and 3D recreations of those floor plans.

For such a unique start-up business, we wanted to create something unique and different from the previous designs weI've worked on. We felt that we needed to go into a more open direction, something that wasn't solely divided into sections of rows. We felt that adding parallax background images helped capture the sense of depth that the services would provide, a sort of open window to a new way of looking at the industry.


Client: Virtual Design Tour
WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Gravity Forms, Photoshop, Illustrator
Publish Date: 
Nov 2017

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